Pat & Dad’s Projects

It’s been a long journey from start to here, and it’s still got a long way to go. I just wanted to thank you for helping me build my life, I couldn’t have done it without you. Here is a just a sampling of everything that you’ve had a hand in building here along the way…

First I bought a house, literally in the middle of nowhere, and I’m pretty sure against all conventional wisdom at the time…literally a project waiting to happen.

So of course I needed a truck to haul my new abundance of projects to and from. About a thousand bottles of TA-65 later, this was finally in reach.. Minus the Gator, of course!

Naturally, since I lived on a mountain with my chain saws and ax collection, we needed to put together someplace to store all that fire wood…

If you’re going to build it, you should build it right. Our first attempt at framing out a wall for the wood shed’s completion…

No mountain retreat would be complete without it’s own on-site, water collection and storage contraption!

It went through many renditions, inside and out. Installing fencing inside, roofing outside, and finally painting it to a barn red finish. All to house your favorite mountain top animal – our chickens!

It was a huge project, starting with the inside..

…and making sure I didn’t break my neck replacing the roof. Good times had by all!!

What chicken coup would be complete without a finer set of steps than even we have inside our house to take them to bed at night..

What do you do when your truck isn’t big enough? Buy a old rusty frame of a trailer. I’m certain this was your idea, but I doubt you imagined I’d pick up such rust bucket..

Don’t worry, Dad loves painting!

A good pair of boots is expensive…and I’m about as cheap as they come. Lucky for me, you aren’t. If you hadn’t got these for my birthday, I’d likely still be wearing boots that didn’t fit. And YES that is your shoe shine kit, it comes out about once a month to put a new shine on them.

What do you do when a truck and a trailer isn’t enough? Buy another truck! Pretty sure this was just your idea, but without putting the thought in my head I’d still be up to my neck in snow on my ATV.

Living on the mountain costs a fortune. Without you our business wouldn’t exist.

And without your continued support, it couldn’t have grown to the scale that it’s at today.

Can’t fix the fan? I know, we’ll get a 20 foot ladder! Because who doesn’t own one of those??

Because my pizza was crap, you had to 1 up me, and introduce me to the best around…

I was prepared to tell Jill air conditioning was a thing of the past when you convinced me otherwise..

With water solved, of course the next problem to tackle was electricity. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Last, but certainly not least, years in the making….the finished bathroom in all it’s glory. Ready to do upstairs next year?!?!

And 1 more time with the pizza. Just because!

I’m afraid this isn’t enough. Hope you’ve got your work boots ready for next summer…